A downloadable game for Windows

Addiction can sink it's teeth into anyone, even you.

Do not download this game. Do not play this game. Walk away.

If some for insane reason you decide not to heed this warning, then there's nothing more I can do for you. Just quit playing as soon as you begin. This is a fight you can't win.

Give up.

Install instructions

Download and extract the Zip file to start playing. 

Once the game is running, pres 'Esc' to quit and win the game. Then uninstall the application from your PC. 


Giving_Up.zip 50 MB


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I didnt want to quit right away i want to hear more of what you had to say it has meaning behind it.

Video start @17:50

Cheers! Thanks for playing :)

Hi! Talked to your game here https://topindie.games/giving-up/

I'm sorry i can't give it more score than that, but this game actually made me realize that the score alone is not enough to rate a game. I can't stop recommending this game to everyone. A great message that should be heard by everyone

Thanks for the review, and the recommendations!

great game with greater message 10/10 

just damn good game i went to the end --__--


Well done mate, good message, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thanks for the video dude, glad you found it impactful  :)


play it

Thanks for the exposure! :)

story very deep